01 Aprile 2020
Automation Chemical Industry


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Column Agitators

Column agitators, or mixer agitators, for drums, small drums and tanks, suitable for shaking liquid products of any type, thanks to its interchangeable propellers and the inverter engineered RPM adjustment.
Technical description:
- Lifting electric agitator
- Electronic speed adjustment
- 0,75 7,5 Kw...

Laboratory agitator, mixer and disperser

[Laboratory Agitator]
ESA laboratory agitator, mixer and disperser is designed to be used in various applications whether sperimental or for small productions with power range from 0,55 Kw up to 2,2 Kw.
Rotating speed from 20rpm to 3.500 rpm with various shapes and dimensions of impellers.


- Up/Down b...
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