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Automation Chemical Industry


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Chemical Plant Automation
[Chemical Plant]
ESA plant automation is based on a distributed logic system, where each element of the production system is independent and interacts with the others through Ethernet or bus connections.

This plant control architecture gives a series of advantages compared to the traditional DCS system, including:...
Reactor :The system fully automatises the use of mixers and reactors for liquids and pastes in chemical industries, making their use easier and faster.
Technical description:
- Electronic weighing of a reactor with digital system with 3 /4/6/8 separate loading cells
- Installation of self-levellin...
Automatic dosage system chemicals products - DOSAMIX
[Automatic dosage system chemicals products Dosamix]
Automatic dosage system chemicals products Dosamix will automatically pump the liquid chemical products from storage warehouses. During the following stages the products will be dosed, mixed and sent to the selected users according to the requested quantities and the planned time schedules.

The s...
Tank weighing
Tank weighing
Weighing system for reactors and tanks on a loft and on the ground.

Technical description:
- System with 3/4 loading cells also for the installation on a loft
- Compression or bending digital loading cells
- Stainless steel protection degree: IP 65/67
- Version availability: ATEX
- We...
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