04 Ottobre 2022
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Thermal power plants in containers

Thermal Power Plants in Containers
Thermal power plants outside container
Thermal power plants in containers
The heating plant containerized solution is smart to produce heat in a fast, simple, cheap, and mobile.
With ESA thermal solutions in a short time you can compose the central tailored to any type of use, application, placement.
Built in standard container modules are delivered complete with everything and immediately activated with just colegamenti services, fuel and electricity.
All the ESA central feature is the electronic control system that projects the WEB SERVER total and immediate visibility of the network on the Internet with the display and control in real time of each function admitted, in addition to update the data base board consulted at any local time in the terminal board or remotely without costs them waiting.
The sending automatic Sms and E.Mail events and alarms puts safe from the unpleasant and costly downtime due in many cases to simple and momentary power supply problems.
Among the various accessories that allow a stable and secure also appears the generator complete with UPS to guarantee a security of uninterrupted service.
The management of the modulation of the supplied power enables all versions of thermal energy generator to adjust the power of the burner with ratios up to 10: 1 on the maximum power while minimizing the consumption of fuel and the temperature of exhaust fumes matenendo always correct combustion in any condition.
The versions configured as a steam generator from 0,8 to 11,77 bars are complete water treatment system of power supply, power supply system of the condense conditioning, automatic dosage system anticorrosive that allows to deactivate or suspend the production of the generators of rapid steam when not used for even one day.
For the production of hot water from the steam power plants is installed internally one or more heat exchangers even for circuits with different temperature from the same central.
The versions configured as a manufacturer of hot water include water treatment system of power supply, circulation pumps.
Versions thermal oil include all the features common to release steam and water over the oil tank inside the heatsink and air / oil heat automatically for rapid cooling of the hydraulic system and any external users.
The rapid paralleling modules container allows infinite expandability of risorze and simultaneously a high redundancy resulting in increased security of uninterrupted service.

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