01 Aprile 2020
Automation Chemical Industry

Chemical Plant Automation

Chemical Plant
Chemical Plant
ESA plant automation is based on a distributed logic system, where each element of the production system is independent and interacts with the others through Ethernet or bus connections.

This plant control architecture gives a series of advantages compared to the traditional DCS system, including:

- significant reduction of plant and activation costs
- operating safety with redundant network anti-crash system
- use of data transmission also on optical fibres
- software distributed on each equipment
- unlimited plant availability
- extension of the plant network from local (lan) to geographic (internet)
with a web server integrated on each plant component
- supervision and remote assistance software on any component and separately changeable
- maintenance which can be separately carried out on each component without operating limits for the remaining part of the plant
-remote plant accessibility for real time remote assistance tasks from any part of the world.


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